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Being in the construction and remodeling business for over 40 years, DeLong Construction Inc. is prepared and qualified to take on any project regardless of size. We specialize in constructing and renovating residential homes in Forsyth, Illinois, and the surrounding areas, however we do more than just standard architectural and interior design. We have contractors and project managers in every field imaginable, from electrical and plumbing work to high quality masonry and retaining wall construction – we can build and remodel your home from start to finish.

Why spend thousands of extra dollars calling a specialty craftsman for all of your home projects when DeLong Construction can do it all? With our experience, trustworthy name brand products, and professional craftsmanship, we can create the residential home of your dreams.

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New Construction

Family owned and operated, DeLong Construction Inc. understands the importance of flexibility, quality products, time, and budget concerns when it comes to constructing a new home or business. Building a foundation from the ground up is a daunting task and can be stressful for many home and business owners who are unfamiliar with the process of a new construction build. Our number one goal at Delong Construction Inc. is to create a trustworthy and reliable environment for our residential and commercial clients to keep taken care of and excited about their current project.

You can count on our company to complete your new construction build with an eagerness and professionalism that shows. We will handle everything from crafting the structure of your home to providing detailed painting and design finishes. Let us turn your printed designs into a reality. Call us in Forsyth, Illinois to schedule a meeting and receive a free estimate on your home or business build.


Are you living in a home that has outstanding curb appeal, but lacks character on the inside? We know how frustrating it can be to live in a home that does not reflect your style or storage needs, that’s why our team at DeLong Construction Inc. is here to provide quality remodeling services to transform your family home into a personalized oasis.

DeLong Construction Inc. is one of the only full-service construction and remodeling companies based in central Illinois. As a family owned business, our vision has been to provide our residential and commercial clients with all of the remodeling services they need from ceiling and wall construction to flooring and window installation. Whether your home needs a completed paint job, or the floorplan needs to be reconstructed entirely, we are here to provide our expert services to give you the home of your dreams. Contact us today for additional information and pricing on our home remodeling services and receive a free estimate on your unique project.

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We get it, your home is perfect – except for the lack of space that doesn’t match your family’s needs. At DeLong Construction Inc. we provide construction services to give your current home a room or floor addition to accommodate you and your family’s lifestyle. Our expert team understands that every home is unique, and creating an additional space is no easy task, however we have over 40 years of experience creating home additions that are modern and flawless with your home’s current aesthetic.

Whether you’re looking to expand on your current living space or create an entirely new room to design as you please, your local professionals at Delong Construction Inc. are here to help turn your design into a reality. Call today for information on pricing and receive a free estimate on your room addition project.

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"You can count on our company to complete your new construction build with an eagerness and professionalism that shows."


If you are looking to build or remodel your home or business, it is no secret that electrical work is mandatory to the functioning and safety of your structure. Older homes that were built 40 to 50 years ago have an entirely different electrical system that differs and even conflicts with the required codes set in place today by your state. Our team of skilled electricians have the experience to repair, replace, and install a quality electrical system on your property during any home renovation or construction build.

At DeLong Construction Inc. our goal is to provide top of the line electrical services to complete your project on time, within a fixed budget, and with a precision that ensures the safety of your family. Call today for additional information on our extensive electrical repair services.

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Drywall & Minor Repairs

At DeLong Construction Inc. we provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for your drywall installation and repair services. Our experienced and certified craftsman have decades of training in hanging, mudding, tapping, and painting drywall on numerous residential and commercial structures. With some of the finest drywall experience in central Illinois, we can guarantee that your project will be completed on time and with the highest of standards.

We know that accidents happen! Doorknobs unintentionally get slammed into the drywall, it becomes damaged from moisture or pests, and even the age of the drywall can begin to show over the years with long cracks. Regardless of your need for a replacement or repair drywall service, we are here to ensure the walls and ceiling of your home are kept in perfect condition. Call today for a free estimate on our drywall installation and repair services.

Brick & Masonry

Has the brickwork in and around your home seen better days? DeLong Construction Inc. provides extensive brick repair, replacement, and installation services to residential homes and commercial businesses across central Illinois. Are you wanting to include a stone pathway in your backyard, leading to a covered patio section? Have you decided on a custom floor to ceiling brick fireplace in your living room? Or is the brick exterior of your home crumbling away due to age? Regardless of your need for an expert mason, our team at DeLong Construction Inc. can service all of your interior and exterior masonry projects within a budget that works for you.

Transform the look of your home with modern and elegant brick designs that will increase the value and durability of your property. Call today for pricing and a free estimate on our masonry services in Forsyth, Illinois, and the surrounding areas.

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Choosing the perfect flooring for your home is an effective way to not only create an aesthetic that matches your family’s unique style, but it also increases the value of your home. At DeLong Construction Inc. we provide a wide variety of flooring options from carpet and hardwood to tile, vinyl, and concrete that will appeal to any design you choose. Whether you’re looking for replacement flooring in your kitchen and living room or are looking to match the paint and accessories in your ongoing new build, we are here to help you make the best decision for your home.

We have top of the line technology and experienced contractors that work with your timeline and budget to complete your flooring project as fast and efficiently as possible. Call today for more information regarding the types of flooring designs we carry and an estimate on your installation project.

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